Top Things to See and Do in a Gold Coast Tour Package

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Located in the state of Queensland, the coastal city of Gold Coast is considered as one of the greatest holiday destinations that Australia can offer. Different activities and point of attractions that are unique to this city will satiate even the most discriminating traveler. And because these attractions and activities are almost limitless to begin with, visiting Gold Coast can be one of the most memorable experience a traveler can ever have. To make the most of your Gold Coast tour package, the following point of attractions and activities are recommended:

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets

For travelers who love to collect memorabilia, and even for those who just love to spend time shopping, the Beachfront Markets of Surfers Paradise is an excellent shopping destination in Gold Coast. Open to the public every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, this commercial strip of about 100 store stalls is complemented by live entertainment, which serves as a mood setter for shoppers and plain strollers alike. Premium products are offered, including accessories, artworks, beauty and cosmetic products, fashion, housewares, jewelry, and photographs. With these items on hand, it is easy to look for unusual gifts and memorabilia items. Bargain items can also be had.

Hinze Dam

Originally constructed in 1976, Hinze Dam was closed to the public in 1989 to make way for renovation and construction of upgrades such as raising, as well as new and modern facilities. It was reopened to the public in 2011 and now offers attractions such as lakeside parks, a state-of -the-art Interpretive Center, and trails for horse riding, biking, and walking. Barbecue areas, car parking, and toilet facilities are also available for public use. Two boat ramps, respectively the West Boat Ramp and the East Boat Ramp, are also open for use.

Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves

Located at Cedar Creek Estate, the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves is a man-made cave consisting of two chambers interlinked to each other by a series of tunnels. The caves awe visitors with magnificent presentation shows, which include an audio-visual display of glow worms. The experience with glow worm audio-visual display is further enhanced by a contrasting experience of thousands of live glow worms. There is also a presentation of highly realistic formations of stalactites, stalagmites, flow stone, and water features.

Surfers Paradise

Just 30 minutes off the Gold Coast Airport, Surfers Paradise is one of the points of attraction in Gold Coast that never fails to draw hordes of visitors. Its golden beach and urban skyline project an ambiance that can set a traveler’s appetite, the beach making for a natural setting on the one hand, and the skyline making for an urban setting on the other. World class fares are available in the form of various cafes, restaurants, fashion and nightlife hubs, business facilities, and shopping destinations, all made unique by the fact that the location is both accessible and near the sea.

Apart from the attractions and activities listed above, a further exploration of Gold Coast will reveal other equally satisfying attractions and activities that only a Gold Coast tour package can ever offer. These attractions and activities are unique to Gold Coast and because of this, a tour of this will definitely be among those that a traveler will always remember and cherish.

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