The Marvelous Land of Mountains and Monasteries

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A foreign trip is a dream easy to cherish but difficult to maintain. Cost is the main hindrance in making this dream come true. But how about entering a foreign soil which is just a few hours away from your home state? How about stepping into the land of foreigners without spending money for buying airline tickets? For people of Bengal and other states of Eastern and North-Eastern India, making this happen is very easy since Bhutan is just hours away. Especially for the people of Bengal, this Buddhist country, known as the Land of Thunder Dragon is very close. One just needs to cross the town of Jaigaon to enter Phuentsholling, the area from where the territory of Bhutan starts. It just takes a few hours to reach Bhutan from Siliguri by car and all you need is a special permit or pass to stay on the foreign soil.

A country landlocked by bluish mountains and greenish valleys from all sides, Bhutan is among the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Breathtaking scenic beauty certainly is the biggest reason why thousands of people travel to Bhutan from different parts of the continent, but there are other elements that make this ancient Buddhist kingdom a charming vacation venue. Spread over picturesque valleys by the banks of beautiful mountainous rivers, Bhutan has got a lot to offer and delight its visitors and to explore the land extensively; visitors need to choose from different Bhutan packages. Though the area of Bhutan is not that big compared to India and other Asian countries, it takes time to explore the entire nation since mountainous roads make journeys long. Bhutan packages that different holiday companies and travel agencies offer, are specially designed to cover the prime attractions within a short time and hence visitors should avail those, instead of trying to plan an itinerary.

Bhutan is a land where you do not have to travel to special places for enjoying scenic beauty. Here Nature is equally picturesque from all points. Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan and one if it’s prime attractions is a very well developed, modern city. Here houses, shops and malls built in modern architectural patterns stand on either side of the roads but surprisingly they do not harm the scenic beauty of the surroundings. In fact this unique combination of urbanization and serene Nature make Nature lovers wonder. Thimphu, being the capital of Bhutan is the hub of tourism and there are several monasteries and palaces in the city and its outskirts to visit and explore. The city stands beautifully on a valley right on the bank of Raidak or Wang Chhu river, a tributary of the Brahmaputra. You can spend hours sitting on the shore of the cascading river and enjoy the beauty of the scenic surroundings or explore the places and fortresses.

Another major attraction, which is covered by all Bhutan packages is Paro. Spread beautifully over a lush green valley, kissed by the Paro Chhu river, Paro is a major town in Bhutan and more importantly the international gateway to the country. Paro airport which is located at a landlocked zone is an attraction in itself, especially for travelers who land there. The airport looks magnificent from the plane. However, that is not the only thing why you should visit Paro. Here also you can visit some monasteries, especially the Ringpung Dzong and Paro Dzong. However, the supreme attraction of Paro is Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest, a fortress cum temple compound perched on a cliff at a frightening altitude. You need to be brave enough since the only way to reach there is mountain trekking. Paro Taktsang is a religiously important site since it is believed that Saint Rinpoche, the introducer of Buddhism in Bhutan had stayed and meditated here.

Other sites that are covered by Bhutan packages are Punakha, the low altitude town and Bumthang, the religious heartland.

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