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Does Happy Ever After Mean a Life of Compromise?

Compromise, as a blanket term, does not involuntarily mean that one has to give up his or her choices to suit another. And opting out of a relationship does not automatically mean that one runs away from commitment. But most of us are in this rut because of a lack of awareness about the dos and don’ts expected in a committed relationship. Life as we know it is based on choice. We either choose to agree amicably or not.

There Are Various Reasons Why Relationships End

  • We cannot put it down to materialism, rapid sex drives or even work pressure all the time, can we? Perhaps sticking it out to the end is something that is not a part of one’s make-up these days. One can even attribute it to commitment phobia.
  • Taking a person for granted is pretty much a constant in relationships nowadays. Disparaging a partner cannot be taken back with a half-baked apology.
  • Verbal abuse has been around and has been growing. This form of domestic violence has reared its ugly head and sweeping the problem under the carpet just to keep up appearances is wrong.
  • Physical abuse as well is another reason why relationships end. Most often, the abused individual finds it extremely difficult getting away from her or his tormentor.
  • Another problem is cheating. Does a spouse have to forgive? Is this a done thing? Or should he or she walk away?
  • Having a third wheel can be extremely grueling as well. As a generalized point of view, it will never work out. Because being in competition with a third-party never pans out.

So What Does One Do When the House of Cards Tumbles? Does He or She Keep on at It, Visit a Counselor, Try It Out Again, Thrash It Out, or Walk Out… ?

  • I am no expert on this, no way. But I certainly believe that when people have a problem they need to sit down and actually listen to each other. Most often, there is more talking and less listening, and this can rankle fragile egos.
  • If a serial cheater believes in changing, he or she must seek help from the right source and nip the addiction in the bud. That is provided he or she believes that the relationship is worth more than a roll in the hay.

There are solutions galore. The main objective is to ensure that each one acknowledges his or her faults. Settling differences and putting each other first is another way forward. If not, happy ever after will never work, and it is best to part ways amicably.

What do we do when we find ourselves in a relationship that is going nowhere? Do we try and work it out or give up?


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