How To Identify A Woman’s Most Precious Hot Buttons

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Imagine you were privy to a few secret words that could unleash a woman’s innermost passions. And by just sprinkling those words into sentences here are there you could get her lusting after you as the man of her dreams, overcoming all barriers about things like looks, age, social status or wealth.

Sound like a miracle? It’s not. Let me give you the secret, and then I’ll show you how to use it.

Every woman has certain internal values by which she’ll judge a man. They’re the yardsticks she uses to decide whether she’ll yield herself, or hold out for someone better.

These values are emotional, and they’re buried deep. They’re a mix of all those dreams and fantasies of her ideal man she started putting together from the time she was a teenager.

They’re made up of images, sounds and feelings, and bundled together by specific ‘labels’ – words like ‘trust, sensitivity, caring, togetherness, fun, adventurous’, and so on.

What’s important is that every woman has an emotional relationship with ‘her’ particular words. So ‘sensitivity’ is not necessarily the same as ‘being sensitive’; ‘courage’ is not necessarily the same as ‘being courageous’.

Now here’s the point. When you find out her particular emotionally-charged words, and you use those same words back to her as labels to describe YOU, she’ll start seeing you as the man she’s been longing for.

It stands to reason, because you’ll be tapping into her innermost emotions. And these will always over-ride any logical, deliberate, and reasoned thought.

So how do you find out her particular words? Simple. Get yourself into a state of close rapport with her – and then ask her.

Let me give you one specific question. Then we’ll look at how you can use it – and what you must be sure to do when you ask it.

Focus intently on her and say, “What sort of qualities do you value most in a man?”

Now, she’ll most likely give you three or four different things – words like caring, thoughtful, passionate, sincere.

Or she may give you a sentence: “I think it’s really important for a man to be CARING, and THOUGHTFUL. And I really like a man who’s PASSIONATE and SINCERE.”

Now you have them. These are her criteria, or values. You must make a mental note of the EXACT words she uses, and preferably the order in which she uses them.

Treat them like gold. They’re the keys that will totally unlock her affections. And they’ll be like music to her ears – because they’re HER words, HER hot buttons.

Next step – How do you use them? Simple. Say them back to her as words to describe you.

You need to be a little creative here because you can’t start slapping her over the head with them. Use them one at a time, and preferably in HER order.

Take the first one – CARING. Maybe you could put it into sentence where, perhaps, you were quoting someone else describing you.

“You know, I was having a heart-to-heart with one of the girls at work over coffee yesterday, and she really made me think about myself when, out of the blue, she told me she thought I was a very CARING person… ”

Same with the others. “I got a letter from my mother yesterday – she’s such a THOUGHTFUL person. I guess it’s something she ingrained into me when I was a kid… I did this questionnaire in a magazine the other day, and you know what? It said that I’m a very PASSIONATE person… You know, I can’t stand false people. To me, being SINCERE with others is a really important quality… ”

You’ll find she soon starts melting in your arms because you’re feeding her exact values back to her. And this will start happening a lot sooner than you might think.

She won’t be able to help this. You’ll be unlocking all those dreams she ever had about the handsome prince sweeping her off her feet. And when you get those deep emotional triggers working for you, she’ll soon be swooning.

Here are some important tips.

When you use the words back to her, be subtle. Don’t start cramming them into your sentences straightaway otherwise she may get suspicious. Feed them back to her later, after you’ve gone through several changes of subject – or even wait until the next date.

And don’t use them all in one sentence. Apply one here and there when it’s appropriate. Above all, don’t start hurling them around as though you’re making an election speech. Slip them in discreetly and indirectly so that she’s encouraged to pick them up as clues.

And please make sure you’re in rapport – both when you ask the question, and when your feeding the words back to her. It’s no good if you’re still in the flirting stage because you’re dealing with emotional stuff here. So if you’re still making jokes, leave it for now.

Above all, don’t underestimate the value of this until you try it – and see how fast and effective it can be.

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