How to Find the Best Caribbean Island for Your Vacation

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Booking the ‘best’ depends on what you intend to do with your holiday and where; while there are those who must satiate their hearts’ yearning for adventure, there are also those who just need a nice, quiet, and perhaps luxurious place to hang out for the duration. For either of those groups, booking a stay in one of the delightful boutique Caribbean hotels will allow them to enjoy the best of all worlds – without the huge expense.

Sheer Accessibility

Some islands in the region have become a favourite among holidaymakers simply because of their accessibility: there are many direct flights from the US and Canada to these islands, and for those who don’t want any hassle, the decision to hop on a plane and head to any of these tropical destinations is almost a no-brainer. Before booking in to any of the boutique Caribbean hotels, you should check out which of the islands fulfils your ‘accessibility’ requirements first. For example, there’s the Bahamas, with 700 islands and as many cultural variations as you can think of; there’s Jamaica, with its Bob Marley vibe and vibrant ambience; and there are the Cayman Islands, where you can swim with stingrays and enjoy a place reminiscent of South Florida, without the traffic.

Luxury and Privacy

The words ‘luxury’ and ‘privacy’ are often found in the same sentence, and rightly so, especially in the context of holiday in this part of the world. If you’re the kind of person looking a touch of luxury – which you will certainly find in many of the boutique Caribbean hotels – you will not find the region lacking. Anguilla, for example, sets the bar high in terms of stunning beaches, luxurious villas and precious isolation. Then there’s Martinique, with its far-flung beaches, distinctly Gallic character and ambience, and breathtaking nature hikes. And finally Grenada, with its air redolent with nutmeg and beaches fringed by forested hills.

Lower Cost

You may think that if you’re considering staying in any of the boutique Caribbean hotels, you won’t be in the market to save a few pounds, right? Well, not exactly. Surprisingly, you can even choose among the islands based on their cost of living – including the price of common commodities, accommodations and transport. The less popular islands are obviously within this group – the island of Bonaire, for example, is tiny but perfect for budget travellers who want to enjoy the best of the region without denting their bank accounts too much. There’s also Barbados – located on the edge of the Atlantic ocean – with its array of beaches and a more wallet-friendly culture; or the island of Curacao – inexpensive, off-the-beaten-track, and exquisitely romantic.

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